E-mail marketing – why and how?


90% of people who have connection to the internet are using e-mail boxes and more than 70% of them are checking their post everyday. If your company doesn’t collect e-mail addresses it should definitely change. There are many positive aspects of e-mail campaign, but this article isn’t about them. Here we want to show you HOW to write an actual message which will get positive response from your customer.

When you think about an e-mail automatically you recollect that it’s mainly contains of… text. There is nothing wrong in this assumption…However!

 As Carl W. Buechner said “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. “ Read more

5 facts you didn’t know about eLearning


Beside the fact that first use of word “eLearning” is dated to 1999 (It was used at a CBT system seminar), there are at least 5 things we’re sure you didn’t know about this type of system.

  • Some numbers. Over 3000 companies in Europe are involved in eLearing business. If you want to see things more numerous R. Berger writes in his publication

“The entire e-learning market (i.e. not just corporate learning) today is already worth USD 91,000,000,000  – It is forecast to grow by over 20% annually up through 2017”.

  • It’s easy. Using darkan.eu platform you can easily create your own e-learning course without much experience. Our panel will guide you through the process and when it comes to graphic design you can simply import previously made layout from your PSD cc file.

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