E-mail marketing – why and how?


90% of people who have connection to the internet are using e-mail boxes and more than 70% of them are checking their post everyday. If your company doesn’t collect e-mail addresses it should definitely change. There are many positive aspects of e-mail campaign, but this article isn’t about them. Here we want to show you HOW to write an actual message which will get positive response from your customer.

When you think about an e-mail automatically you recollect that it’s mainly contains of… text. There is nothing wrong in this assumption…However!  As Carl W. Buechner said “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. “

Everything we send in our mailing is relevant. No words are gonna get positive response in customer on a diet if next to the text about advantages of eating salads will be picture of a happy person eating cheeseburger.

Nowadays we must go one step forward in sending e-mails. It’s a basic rule that in newsletter we shouldn’t send attachments. It’s just wrong. But what if you could show your totally interactive presentation thorough your message?  What if your whole e-mail was presentation?

Due to computerization our approach to messages is different then it used to. People are awaiting that you can click something, get immediate response for question or download some part of information. Interactivity of you letter is very important. darkan.eu allows you to change your traditional message completely in to its modern interactive form. Use diagrams, buttons, forms. All of it in one platform. Gain data base in one place and use it to analyse your efforts.

So make your recipients feel special. Get through to them with this new enjoyable and full of possibilities layout and make your words feel more important. Remember to be consist in your communication and learn to analyze and improve your mailings. It’s your way to gain strategic advantage in the market.