5 facts you didn’t know about eLearning


Beside the fact that first use of word “eLearning” is dated to 1999 (It was used at a CBT system seminar), there are at least 5 things we’re sure you didn’t know about this type of system.

  • Some numbers. Over 3000 companies in Europe are involved in eLearing business. If you want to see things more numerous R. Berger writes in his publication

“The entire e-learning market (i.e. not just corporate learning) today is already worth USD 91,000,000,000  – It is forecast to grow by over 20% annually up through 2017”.

  • It’s easy. Using darkan.eu platform you can easily create your own e-learning course without much experience. Our panel will guide you through the process and when it comes to graphic design you can simply import previously made layout from your PSD cc file.

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Our affiliate program starts!

Finally we launch our affilate program. You can use it as a brand partner or ambassador.

To make money as our partner you only have to publish your unique link (you can find it on the Partner Program) in any form. This may be, for example:

To become a brand ambassador, please contact us at office@darkan.eu. Introduce your promoting offer and get at least 30% of each sale made by recommended users.

If you choose to be our brand partner:

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Search Images Library by tags!

One of the most important rules we are following when making Darkan a better program is: “respect users time”. We know that nothing is more frustrating than a constant need of clicking same buttons to get to this one specific option/image/anything else you need.

That’s the reason why we added tags to the Images Library.

First screen of Library states clearly where you should write a tag.

2014-12-15 11_52_03-Darkan! - blog

After clicking on the bar, you will be presented with list of options, so you don’t need to write anything.

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Give your e-learning course background in no time!

Background is a very important part of every e-course – same as its other content. If it is picked badly, even the best animations, images and text won’t work. If background is chosen wisely, then all mistakes and shortcomings will be easily forgotten.

Darkan offers you a rich library of backgrounds and adding them to the screens could be done in 3 simple steps.

1. Click on the project page and go to the Premade Styles tab. It is located on the Bottom Panel.


2. There is the Backgrounds Gallery and it is divided into a several categories. Click the left mouse button on any category.


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Video content in only 3 steps? With Darkan everything is possible!

Video content in only 3 steps? With Darkan everything is possible!

Most inretesting e-learning examples are based on integrated video materials. While expanding Darkan we keep an eye on trends and wish to make your life easier.

Check out, how with only 3 simple steps add some video content to the course:

1. Click on the Add video file tab.


2. In Insert video panel upload your own video, copy hyperlink or search something in YouTube or Vimeo databases.


Remember that you can always use the drag and drop option to add your video even faster.

3. Adjust window size and move it anywhere you want. That’s all. Done in a couple seconds.

Nice watching!

Welcome to Darkan application blog!

It is our first entry, so we will write some details about us and Darkan program.

Here in Darkan-soft, we’ve been creating e-learning for about 8 years now. We are a team of consultants, which cooperates with big corporations, as well as small companies in Poland, USA, Switzerland and Germany. We are experts not only in technical aspects of the e-learning courses – but in LMS platroforms in general.

Darkan is a platform for creating advanced, robust e-learning courses and presentations. Its main feature is widely supported group-work. Intuitive interface makes creation of e-learning courses, and publishing them in HTML5 and SCORM easy. The most innovative functionality is integration with many systems and web platforms, as well as the ability to import various file formats. Darkan lets you publish your courses on a embedded LMS (learning management system), and have full control over your users progresses.

We want Darkan to become the biggest and most popular cloud-based rapid e-learning creation tool. We believe that our commitment and our innovative solutions will ensure that using the application is a pleasure.

By visiting our blog at regular basis, you will be always up to date with all the changes in Darkan program and with all the events related to it.

Stay tuned, because we will give more details about our application functionalities soon!

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