Welcome to Darkan application blog!

It is our first entry, so we will write some details about us and Darkan program.

Here in Darkan-soft, we’ve been creating e-learning for about 8 years now. We are a team of consultants, which cooperates with big corporations, as well as small companies in Poland, USA, Switzerland and Germany. We are experts not only in technical aspects of the e-learning courses – but in LMS platroforms in general.

Darkan is a platform for creating advanced, robust e-learning courses and presentations. Its main feature is widely supported group-work. Intuitive interface makes creation of e-learning courses, and publishing them in HTML5 and SCORM easy. The most innovative functionality is integration with many systems and web platforms, as well as the ability to import various file formats. Darkan lets you publish your courses on a embedded LMS (learning management system), and have full control over your users progresses.

We want Darkan to become the biggest and most popular cloud-based rapid e-learning creation tool. We believe that our commitment and our innovative solutions will ensure that using the application is a pleasure.

By visiting our blog at regular basis, you will be always up to date with all the changes in Darkan program and with all the events related to it.

Stay tuned, because we will give more details about our application functionalities soon!

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