Import PSD to Darkan app!

We present new functionality in the Darkan application! Import PSD files from Photoshop CC to Darkan application as a new page and keep all the layers!

Tired of importing whole layout made in Photoshop as a single graphics to external programs? With darkan it’s a lot easier! Simply generate a file in the *.darkan format  in Photoshop and drop it on the browser window with darkan project opened. Entire document will be imported as a new page in Darkan with all layers from Photoshop!

Now add animations to spice up our elements and make it interactive. How to do it? Just right-click on the desired graphics, hover on the “Change to …” and select the option that interests you. Now your graphics will act as an interactive button!


To generate files in the *.darkan format you need a Photoshop plug-in, which you will find HERE. See how to install and use it in Photoshop CC HERE.

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