5 ways for great images in Darkan. Use the power of the Web!

Good images forms a base of each e-learning. They are, next to the content, essential for courses – especially those without many interactive elements contained in the scenario.

In Darkan you will use 5 integrated big image databases and with using keywords you will find lots of free and ready-to-use images.

1. Google. One of the biggest images library in the Web. You will find a lot of good quality pictures there.


2. Flickr. One of the best functioning Internet community. It contains images used on blogs and in social medias.


3. Iconfinder. If you are looking for icons, you came to a right place! Hundreds of great icons are waiting for your attention.


4. Pixabay. International community focused on sharing high quality photos based on a public domain terms.


5. morgueFile. Database filled with high quality images.


If you don’t find in those 5 selected databases files you need, you can always add your own images to the course. Two mouse clicks or one drag and drop and all done!


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