#DarkanFunctions Series – easy edit and overwrite already published content

You want to make the changes to already published content and you can’t find it on the list of projects? Just go to http://darkan.eu/portal/ where you will find all your publications. Find content to modify and press Edit.


If source project has not been removed – you will be redirected on Darkan app where you can make any modifications. The next step is to overwrite an existing publication. To do this, perform the following steps:

1. Click on the Publish on the web button top menu:


2. In publication window click OVERWRITE button:


3. Now choose which publication you want to overwrite (you can create multiple publications on the basis of one project) and click the OVERWRITE button:


After completing these steps, our publication is overwritten, and anyone who open it will see new elements without having us to send another link to the interested people!

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